Everyone was busy. “The VIP is coming; he is coming,” the rumors and the announcements came louder and louder. “Anyone who is not prepared will miss out the day,” said the leaders of the community.

Everyone was busy. They cleaned and decorated their houses. They trimmed their gardens.

Everyone was busy. They started sewing new dresses to be worn on that day. They washed and ironed their old but nice-looking clothes. They exchanged pleasantries on what they would be wearing.

Everyone was busy. The kitchen was prepared. There had to be a meal just in case the VIP would choose to visit them during mealtime. The food should be more than just sumptuous. It must be presentable, too.

Everyone was busy.

“So what day is he coming?” Someone asked. But no one could tell. Everyone just kept saying, “The VIP is coming.”

Days passed by. Years passed by. The VIP has not come.

Actually, the VIP passed them by. He was there. They missed him.

Just like the VIP that everyone wanted to see and meet and greet, Jesus’ coming was also expected. People waited for his coming. They wondered how he would look like. They marveled at what he would do to rule the earth. They were getting ready for his coming.

And he came. He came from another direction. He did not come on a horse-drawn carriage. He did not come as the VIP that people expected him to be.

He came. He came as a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. He chose to be with the animals and the shepherds. He chose to be with a simple mother and a carpenter father.

Indeed, he came. He came not with trumpets and horns signaling his arrival. He came with the bleating of the lamb and the sheep. He did not come with fireworks and fanfare. He came with brightly-lit stars in the night and thousands of angels singing, “Glory to God in the Highest!”

Yes, he came in the least expected time and place. He came out from another direction. He chose to be poor, quiet, and unnoticed. He came in humility.

Yes, he came!