The First Answer could be right

I was in church this morning. The priest gave a very interesting homily. He started by exciting the parishioners with this statement – “Today, let’s go to social media.” Everyone sat up straight, getting excited to hear what the priest had to say. He continued saying, “Let’s go to Twitter.” I tilted my head and said to myself, “Is he going to tell everyone that Elon Musk bought Twitter? And why would that matter here?”

Then he proceeded, “Do you know who has the largest following in Twitter?” No one answered; not because they do not know, perhaps. But more so because in the church you have your reservations to answer. Everyone was quiet. So the priest answered his own question by enumerating the top three accounts in Twitter with the largest following. It was like announcing the winners of the Grammy Awards. The priest was the host of the 2022 Grammy Awards Night. It was exciting from that point of view. So he continued to enumerate the big accounts in Twitter. Amazing and interesting info. I got the wrong answer for the top rank.

Not in the least dismayed by the quiet crowd, the priest continued with his enthusiastic homily. He asked another question, saying, “Do you know what was Jesus’ favorite fish?” The Gospel was about the 153 fishes that the disciples of Jesus caught when Jesus appeared to them the third time after his resurrection. I was hoping the priest would explain the 153 because if he asked what it meant, I would have volunteered my answer and say, “Ani Elohim!” (I AM GOD).

But the question was about the favorite fish so I muttered to myself, “grouper?” Voila! The priest, in a loud interesting voice said, “It’s Tilapia!” I knew it was Tilapia. But I did not blurt it out in my mind because I was in a foreign church and I would not have known that they knew Tilapia. I thought Tilapia is a native name for my countrymen’s favorite fish. I was wrong in my perception. My first answer was right. It was Tilapia, indeed.

I was taking quizzes yesterday in an online course. The questions were difficult to answer because some of them were vague and the answers to choose from were also vague. “Is my brain getting dull this time?” I asked myself. But I have to do positive self-talk to keep me going. So I told myself, “The questions are difficult; I have to re-read the materials.” Surprisingly, when I got the feedback to the answers I posted, I got wrong answers in the questions that were confusing me. My first answers were right. But I changed them just the same. Thus, I got wrong.

One Professor in my online course said, “Pause. Stop. Think!” I did that. And I changed my first answer and it was wrong.

Learning from my experience, I should have done this instead before making an answer or a wild guess – Pause. Stop. Think. Then make the wise decision and make that intelligent guess.

In life, we tend to react immediately to stimuli around us. Sometimes, we get angry. Other times we get irritated. Some others send us to sadness; worse, tears. Emotions are normal. Yes! We have to go through them otherwise we lose the experience and we will never learn.

But after allowing that emotion to flow and sink, I have learned to Pause. Stop. Think. Then make the wisest decision that I can make; one that would benefit myself without inconveniencing, harming, hurting another. In that sense and following that pattern, the first answer would be right; from my own personal learning and perception.

Pause. Stop. Think. Then decide to answer. The first answer that comes out may be the right answer.